[2013] Final year internship at The CoSMo Company

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  • Description: The CoSMO company creates software solutions based on complex system models. In this perspective, the “Studio” tool is used to create and generate systems through a graphical interface. Using it, the user has to handle numerous graphs, which can contain a lot of nodes and edges. These elements can be created in an iterative way, or imported via existing files. The default graph display making them unusable (as you can see on the first screenshot below), the aim of my internship project was to resolve this issue, using an automated graph elements repositionning layout method, according to their importance in the model. So, for some graph types, global elements are displayed on top, and more specifics elements on the bottom (as you can see on the second screenshot below). Other layouts matches other graph types (see on the third screenshot below). A second project involved the implementation of a ressources dependency system (modules, plugins, data, etc.) as part of the software developepd by CoSMo.
  • Experience: This project has been an opportunity to acquaint myself always more with C++ language, as well as the Qt librairy and GUI in general. Furthermore, advanced graph handling allowed me to work by myself on very precise issues. As the first project was completed sooner than expected, with very good user feedbacks, I was affected an other project, which this time I could not complete. This corporate experience also drived me to adapt to internal development rules, along with documentation writing and validation (for internal use or for final users), cooperating with my teamworkers.
  • Education: UTBM, 5th year, final internship
  • Duration: 6 months
Technical information
  • Language: C++
  • Librairies: Qt, Graphviz, Boost
  • IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio, Qt Creator

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